Nutrilite India Diabetes Controller

Nutrilie India Diabetes Controller



Nutrilite India presents New Herbal Diabetes Product

We do have some deep concerns for people suffering from Diabetes and we empathize with those who have to lead a life without gorging on their favorite food items, more so, when there are sweet tooth cravings.

What if we tell you that we have a purely natural solution to all your diabetic problems? Yes, Nutrilite India has discovered an ayurvedic remedy for the diabetes patients.

Diabetes, which is considered as a chronic disease can now be treated with Nutrilite India’s ayurvedic product prepared with natural herbs in the most authentic way. Without the use of any chemicals and other drugs, we have brought forth you an ayurvedic cure for diabetes.

See what helps to Control your DiabetesHerbal Diabetes Controller

Nutrilite India has manufactured an all-new product for curing diabetes. ‘Control your Diabetes’ is a new herbal product prepared with love and warmth and added richness of various natural herbs. Let us brief you about the herbal treatment we have accorded to our new product. The natural ingredients used in the making of our product, ‘Control your Diabetes’ are mentioned below:

  • Jamunor Java Plum

The Jamun fruit and its leaves are something diabetes patients are always advised to include in their diet. Nutrilite India’s ayurvedic product, ‘Control your Diabetes’ includes Jamun as a key ingredient. Jamun converts starch into energy and keeps a check on the blood sugar levels. Jamun also helps in reducing the common symptoms of diabetes like excessive thirsting and frequent urination.


  • Giloyor Heart – Leaved Moonseed

We use Giloy in our product as it is very good for the Type II Diabetes patients. Its juice helps in normalizing the blood sugar level and also regulates blood pressure as Giloy juice acts as a hypoglycemic agent which aids in treating diabetes.


  • Karelaor Bitter Melon

Studies have shown that Bitter Gourd (Karela) significantly reduces the blood sugar levels of diabetics. This is because of the insulin – like compound called Polypeptide – p present in Bitter Melon. This compound is said to decrease the blood glucose levels which in turn affects the Type II Diabetes patients in a positive way curing their illness. We have used Karela in our product looking at the beneficial qualities it contains.


  • Methi dana or Fenugreek

Fenugreek extract is extremely beneficial in curing many diseases. In treating Type I and Type II Diabetes, Fenugreek seeds have a huge role to play and so they have got a place in the list of ingredients used in making our herbal product. Fenugreek seeds lower the blood sugar levels bringing them down to a normal level and also help in decreasing insulin resistance.

  • Cinnamon

Recent studies have shown that cinnamon goes a long way in treating Type II Diabetes as it helps to improve the glucose and lipid levels. Doctors and health experts recommend at least 6 grams of cinnamon to be consumed daily as it reduces the risk of Diabetes and other heart related diseases. Hence, it has got a worthy place in our product so as to serve and cure Diabetics.


  • Green Coffee Beans

The Green Coffee Beans extract is highly capable of lowering down the blood sugar level of diabetics. Green Coffee Beans have raw caffeine in them as they are unroasted. This breaks down the fatty acids into simpler substances. Green coffee beans are a best remedy for a person suffering from diabetes. These beans are also very helpful in helping one lose weight as the sugar levels are lowered down to a considerate level.

Therefore, Diabetes can be cured if the blood sugar level is under control and the person maintains a good lifestyle which must include some physical activity plus a good diet. Nutrilite India has helped diabetics by manufacturing the Diabetes Controller Ayurvedic Product, but we do emphasize the need of exercising and a balanced diet.

“Life is not over because you have diabetes. Make the most of what you have, be grateful.” – Dale Evans